Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources

The staff members of the Berkeley Township School District believe that the emotional health of our students is a priority. Many children and adults have experienced anxiety, fear, depression and stress due to the events happening in our society. Once we return to school, we will have plans in place to support our students and transition them back into the school setting. Schools should be safe places for students to openly express themselves and seek support from trusted adults.

We are currently forming school-based teams to develop plans to support the mental health and well-being of all of our students. In the meantime, please utilize the resources our counselors and child study team members gathered for you to support you and your family during the summer months. Additionally, a team of students in the Point Pleasant School District developed a website that is chock full of support. Berkeley has joined this community, and their website has tips to help your child navigate different emotions. Please take time to review the website for helpful tips on stress relief and anxiety (D.A.W.N Depression, Anxiety, and Wellness Network)

We are also reviewing the feedback from the parent and teacher surveys and will utilize this information to create a smooth re-entry into school in September. Thank you for all your support. 

Coping With Stress During COVID

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