BTSD Strategic Plan

BTSD Strategic Plan

Berkeley Township School District Strategic Plan Vision 2024


Goal Area #1: Designing Academic Experiences for College and Career
Goal: Berkeley Township School District will continue to design academic experiences that prepare all students for college and career.
1. Individualize teaching and learning through implementation of differentiated instructional techniques in the classroom.
2. Generate, leverage and strategically utilize interventions and programs to close student achievement gaps.
3. In alignment with the district's Program's of Study, continue to develop clear and deliberate career pathways for a variety of students.

Goal Area #2: Foster a Positive Organizational Culture
Goal: We will foster a positive organizational culture that values every student, parent and employee to design academic experiences that prepare all students for college and career. 
1. Recognize alumni as an important constituent group and expand engagement opportunities.
2. Improve opportunities for all employees to provide relevant and meaningful feedback and empower them to problem solve.
3. Improve communications and customer service while developing a welcoming school environment at all levels of the organization.

Goal Area #3: Strategic Resource Planning
Goal: We will generate, leverage and strategically utilize all financial, facility and human resources to enhance student and community experiences.
1. Identify ways to maximize the quality, utility and appearance of our facilities.
2. Develop a community volunteer program to assist the district where resources are needed.
3. Optimize recruitment, retention and succession planning within the district.

Goal Area #4: Equitable Access and Opportunity
Goal: We will ensure equitable access and opportunity for all students to advanced level courses and programs.
1. Identify and eliminate barriers that restrict access to advanced coursework for underrepresented subgroups.
2. Ensure that parents of our special education students and English Language Learners (ELL) have every opportunity to engage in the discussion regarding their child's school experience.
3. Identify and target at-risk learners with effective intervention strategies, supports and programs to close identified achievement gaps.

Goal Area #5: Use Data Effectively
Goal: We will effectively use data to inform decision making to improve student outcomes.
1. Acquire and utilize comprehensive data systems district-wide to inform decision making.
2. Use data strategically to evaluate programs for efficacy, fidelity and relative value.
3. Use data to evaluate and expand special education programs and practices that enhance student experiences.

Goal Area #6: Increase Access to Technology
Goal: We will increase student interaction with technology throughout the learning process.
1. Effectively integrate technology into the teaching and learning process to enhance the student experience.
2. Ensure that all students have access to technological devices.
3. Develop and expand virtual communities and online learning to connect classrooms.