Our Nurses

Ms. Michele Hess, RN  -  Berkeley Township Elementary School  732-269-2909  extension 2005

Mrs. M. Reece, RN, MSN, CSN -  Bayville Elementary School   732-269-1300   extension 4005

Mrs. Laudonia Larwa, RN – Clara B. Worth School Elementary School   732-269-1700  extension 3005

Mrs. Catherine Thompsen, RN  – H & M Potter Elementary School  732-269-5700   extension 5005

Role of School Nurse

  • To provide first-aid and care to students who become injured or ill during school hours, and to notify the parents/guardians when further medical care/attention may be needed.

  • To educate school staff about health matters that affects the student and/or staff population.

  • To collaborate with other school professionals, parents/guardians and the student's healthcare team, as needed, to foster maximal student success.

  • It is not within the school nurse's scope of practice to diagnose or to take the place of a student's Primary Health Care Provider (physician or nurse practitioner)

Screenings & Services

Hearing:   Grades  Preschool, K, 1, 2, 3                  

Height & Weight:   Yearly                              

Vision Screening:  Grades Preschool, K, 2, 4 & 6

Blood Pressure:    Yearly

Scoliosis: Grade 5

Head Lice

All students with head lice (nits) scabies shall be excluded from school and may return after examination by the school nurse or upon receipt of a doctor's note. Students with these indications should not ride the bus until they are properly cleared.

Gym Excuses

If your child sees a physician for an injury, please provide the school nurse with a return to physical education note from your doctor. A crutch order is necessary from your doctor.